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      What Are Moon Rocks? So you’ve come across our selection of products and moon rocks might’ve popped up, and you’ve wondered, “what the hell are moon rocks?” To put it briefly, moon rocks are made up of cannabis buds that are dipped in hash oil, and then rolled in some good old kief. What Are Some of the Effects? The first thing you’ll notice about moon rocks is that they provide users with a pleasant flavour to their weed, ranging from pina colada to apple and many more flavours. But the high… the high that you’ll experience begins immediately in your mind and then slowly starts creeping through your body, eventually leaving you with a long-lasting and strong high.
      What’s the Best Place to Buy Moon Rocks in Canada?
      The best place to buy moon rocks in Canada would have to be from Grass Life. We made sure to properly source the right products with quality that we can stand by. We have one of the largest available selections of flavours that will satisfy any smoker. If you’ve never tried them before, we guarantee that this will take an ordinary smoke session to the next level.

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