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      The Best Thing That’s Happened to Holistic Wellness Since, Well, Ever

      Looking for something to kick your joint pain to the curb? How about a product to make your skin glow like never before? Maybe something to calm you down before your next anxiety-inducing work presentation? CBD has you covered for all of the above and then some. Known for its widespread and varied uses for both people and pets, CBD is particularly beneficial for remedying stress, anxiety, sleep issues, and side effects of clinical depression, as well as alleviating joint and muscle pain, both chronic and acute, in humans and other mammals. We’re kind of obsessed.

      Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

      Right now, the Magnolia team is loving our OUIDE Edibles Relieve CBD gummies as a long lasting, ingestible solution to full body pain like joint, muscular, and menstrual pain. Feeling burnt out from your crazy day-to-day? We’d recommend keeping our feelCBD Revive Drops in your bag: you can easily and discreetly take a drop or two sublingually whenever you want to throw your laptop off a cliff. If you’re looking to incorporate CBD into your daily ritual in a way where you can feel its effects ASAP, check out our barely-scented feelCBD Vape Pen. You’ll be living the #vapelife in no time.